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Firm Registration Process In Pakistan

Elfin Consultants Offers Firm Registration Process in Pakistan

For partnership firm registration in Pakistan an application is required to be filed with the registrar of the firms on Form 1 along with certain documents these are mentioned as under:

  1. In order to register business as partnership firm minimum two persons are required and following information is required for each partner – Full Name, Father or Husband Name, Residential address and Occupation.
  2. Copy of the National Identity cards of both the partners.
  3. Partnership deed on stamp paper is also required.
  4. Proof of the address of the Partnership Business usually electricity bill.
  5. If the address of the Partnership Business is rented then rent deed is required.
  6. Copy of the original receipt of Partnership Fee deposited in the National Bank of Pakistan.
  7. Signatures of all the partners in partnership/firm business in the presence of registrar or an authorized officer.

Additional Requirements for Partnership Business

  1. National tax Number from Federal Board of Revenue
  2. Bank Account in the name of Business.
  3. Accounting records of partnership business properly maintained profit and loss account and balance sheet.
  4. Advance Payment of Income tax as required under the provisions of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001
  5. Registration from any other authority if required under any law of the business to be undertaken.